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Tree Removal Service in Augusta

Every property benefits from having trees. They might, however, be impeding your future expansion or project plans. They could possibly be a threat to your property. Sometimes the remains of trees that have already been removed can still cause a disturbance.


We take satisfaction in securely removing trees from almost any landscape at Elite House Washing and Property Maintenance. Our skilled tree care professionals will be on-site to ensure that every member of our staff is adhering to the highest safety standards. We take great care to avoid damaging any buildings or other property.

Elite Pressure Wash and Tree Removal in Augusta, Ga

Tree Removal FAQs

Even though it can be challenging to make the decision to cut down a tree, there are times when it is the only real action to take.


If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, you might want to think about having your tree removed:


The tree is dead or close to it.

The tree poses a threat to people’s safety and property,

You have trees that are packed and planted too closely.

Your tree is encroaching on structures or electrical lines, or

Intense wind, ice, or lightning damage has been done to the tree.

We don’t charge to come to your property and give you a tree work estimate.

Immediately after our visit, our estimates are sent to you as a written proposal through email.

Tree Removal Services in Augusta, Ga.

Tree removal is highly risky, especially in the confined spaces that are common in Augusta, North Augusta, Aiken, Macon, Thomson, Columbia, Waynesboro, and Burke County. If you make the wrong move, the tree could fall and damage your roof, flatten a car, or injure someone. Please let the experts handle this.


Our teams have the tools and specialized training necessary to identify any potential dangers in a tree, choose the safest and most effective method for removing the tree, and then make sure the job is done properly.

Elite Pressure Wash and Tree removal in Augusta Ga