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Epoxy Floor Coating Service in Augusta

Are you trying to find gorgeous floors at a good price? We’ve got you. Whatever your ideal flooring might be, we can make it a reality. Epoxy flooring gives you the freedom to decide on the color, pattern, and texture of your floor, and we can’t wait to make that dream a reality. With years of experience in the Augusta, Ga., area, we are aware of the types of exposure that your floors will be subject to and how to prolong their lifespan.


Concrete coatings are the ideal approach to enhancing practically any surface’s appearance and functionality.


Epoxy is by far the most advantageous concrete covering. Epoxy floors are not only beautiful, but they are also inexpensive and long-lasting if you let a qualified expert handle the installation.


We serve Augusta, North Augusta, and the nearby areas. We provide the best services in the industry because your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Elite Pressure Wash and Epoxy Floor Coating in Augusta, Ga

Epoxy Floor Coating FAQs

When hardeners and resins are combined to make epoxy flooring, a chemical process occurs that causes the mixture to harden into a rigid substance with incredibly strong connections. Consequently, it is strong and resistant to some of the most typical problems with concrete, like fractures, water damage, stains, and more.

Epoxy flooring offers several benefits over alternative floor systems. It has a low lifecycle cost thanks to its longevity and durability. It’s easy to maintain and, unlike many commercial systems, never needs to be polished or waxed. It doesn’t even require special care instructions aside from mopping and sweeping. It’s one of the few floor systems strong enough to withstand even the most demanding factory and commercial settings without deteriorating. Thanks to its attractive design options, it can be used in public and commercial settings as well as in your home.

The strength of the bond between the epoxy and the concrete, the location of installation, and maintenance practices all affect how long epoxy flooring lasts. When properly maintained and protected, professionally applied epoxy floor coverings can last up to 8 years in tough industrial settings. Epoxy flooring can endure longer in commercial settings with little traffic. If a fresh clear topcoat is applied every 5–7 years or so, epoxy used in garages and basements has even been known to endure up to 20–25 years.

Augusta's Trusted Epoxy Floor Coating Professionals

You want the best for your garage, which is why our staff provides high-end garage floor coatings in Augusta, Ga., that residents appreciate. Due to the strength and toughness of our polyaspartic coating, it is ideal for withstanding wear and tear. It is also easy to clean, and maintain. If you’re looking for high-quality and reasonably priced garage flooring in Augusta, look no further than our team. We specialize in offering premium epoxy floors that Augusta homeowners can rely on to last. We have the ideal option for you, whether you want to replace the flooring in your office or require a new garage floor.

Our garage floor epoxy is not only gorgeous, but it also serves a very practical purpose. You won’t need to be concerned about someone sliding and falling in your garage because our epoxy floors are slip-resistant. Additionally, polyaspartic urethane, the highest grade urethane on the market, is used to seal our epoxy floors and is resistant to the majority of spills and stains.


Call us right now if you’re seeking the greatest garage flooring option in Augusta. In addition to giving you a free estimate, we’ll be happy to visit your home or place of business to assess the space, check the concrete, and create a unique quote for you.

Elite Pressure Washing and Epoxy Floor Coatings in Augusta Georgia