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Parking Lot Striping Service in Augusta

One of the first things that locals and customers will notice about your parking lot is the striping. People can navigate the parking garage or lot securely if it is adequately designated. Our crew and equipment are top-notch.

Customers want parking lots that enable rapid and secure entry, parking, and exit. Customers are efficiently directed by attractive and strategically arranged parking spaces, arrows, and handicapped-reserve signs. Our team is ready to help with anything from a new layout to a restripe over old faded lines.

Elite Pressure Wash and Parking Lot Striping in Augusta, Ga

Parking Lot Striping FAQs

As soon as the concrete or asphalt surfaces have dried and are prepared for motor vehicles to drive over them, a fresh parking lot can be striped. Re-striping an existing parking lot as soon as possible is crucial if the paint has worn off.


When motorists get familiar with a parking lot’s appearance, they might not recognize when new striping is required. Sloppy parking, lines that are obscured by particular weather conditions, or people parking in spaces designated for the disabled are a few indications that it’s time to re-stripe a lot.

The process of parking lot striping includes painting the stripes that direct traffic and identifying the spaces and locations where cars are allowed to park. Effective parking lot striping comprises ADA-compliant parking spaces close to the structure’s entry, fire lane sections, and durable, visible lines that identify the stalls for vehicles as well as arrows for entries, exits, and direction flow. Since water-based acrylic traffic paint can resist exposure to the outdoors while maintaining visibility, contractors frequently use it for striping.

The traffic flow and parking zones in a defined parking area are determined by parking lot striping. Without clearly visible stripes, the parking lot would quickly turn into a muddle of vehicles and confusion, making it difficult for drivers to find a parking space or figure out how to enter or exit. A parking lot’s general beauty and safety are both increased by proper striping.

Parking Lot Striping Augusta

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your business, parking lot striping is quite important. You should keep your parking space well-kept, secure, and welcoming due to the expanding industry in Augusta and surrounding areas. Giving your parking lot a facelift is a terrific way to start fresh because you do not want your business to appear out of date in comparison to some of the new construction that is moving into the neighborhood.


Even before a customer or visitor enters your physical store, you have already made their initial impression. If the parking lot is clearly defined when someone pulls up to your property, that will give them a good or terrible first impression.


If you need parking lot striping for your business, call Elite House Washing and Property Maintenance. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Elite Pressure Washing and Parking Lot Striping in Augusta Ga