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Our painting solutions enhance the appearance and life of your home and workspaces


You can enhance the appearance and life of your home and office space with our painting solutions. We’ll work with you to choose the ideal paints for your home’s style and employ cutting-edge techniques to make it come to life. Our goal is to provide top-notch residential and commercial painting services and establish ourselves as our clients’ go-to painting contractors, relieving them of any painting-related worries.


We do anything from interior and exterior painting projects for entire properties to mending drywall and eliminating popcorn ceilings.

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Interior and Exterior Painting FAQs

This depends on the square footage of the house, prep work needed, and if there is any walls that need to be repaired .

This depends on the client’s preference rather its Sherwin Williams or valspar. Flat, semi -gloss, or a satin sheen.

Yes if you are able, but if not my team will take care of it.

Oil based paint dries in about 6 hours and latex paint dries in about an hour.

Interior and Exterior Painting Company You can Trust in Augusta

You could certainly paint your house yourself, but wouldn’t it be better to spend your free time with your loved ones and let Elite House Washing and Property Maintenance handle the project? We have painted both interior and exterior walls in Augusta, Georgia, making us the area’s top painting company. When you entrust the job to us, we’ll do it right—from the initial preparation to a tidy, lovely finish that will make you sit back and smile.


If you need any interior or exterior painting, contact Elite House Washing and Property Maintenance for a free consultation! We’ll collaborate with you to select the best paints for the style of your home and use cutting-edge techniques to bring it to life.

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