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The life of the surfaces in your home is prolonged by cleaning out dirt, algae, and grime. Over time, wood, blacktop, concrete, asphalt, and siding can all be harmed by salt, sand, algae, and moss. All of these surfaces are maintained in peak condition by a power wash performed by a professional.


Our power washing service at Elite House Washing Property and Maintenance is performed without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead, we achieve amazing results by employing the most recent power cleaning technology. Every attempt will be made by our skilled specialists to reduce inconvenience and increase convenience. If necessary, they will carefully remove any patio furniture or other items and replace them in order to ensure that the power washing is done thoroughly in just one comprehensive visit.


The best aspect is that we can finish the job without even having you at home!

Elite Pressure Wash and Power Wash in Augusta, Ga

Power Washing FAQs

A high pressure water spray is used to clean surfaces during power washing, also known as pressure washing.


  • It is used to clean grime, gum, and mold stains off of concrete.
  • It restores the bright color of the wood on wooden decks.
  • It is used to homes to get rid of smog, mildew, and other troublesome aging signs.

The decision is yours! You should wash the core surfaces of your home (driveway, deck, siding, etc.) at least once a year. To keep your home clean all year long, you may need multiple services depending on the weather conditions in your location.

Not with Elite House Washing and Property Maintenance’s qualified technicians. We are skilled in using high-pressure washing equipment that may provide a pressure output that is incredibly high. Our staff can determine the appropriate water pressure to use by looking at the type of surface and how it is currently holding up.

Even though power washing is often considered a DIY project, there is a distinct difference between a DIY crew and professional services. This implies that by hiring skilled power washing professionals to do it for you, you will benefit from equipment with higher capability and greater knowledge.


A DIY washer can hold the nozzle too closely to the surface or set the pressure too high for it. This might lead to broken siding, cracked screens, and chipped paintings. Although most rental power washing equipment has the same PSI as professional-grade tools, it only retains a small amount of water, which means that the project will take days rather than hours to complete.

The best and most efficient method of home maintenance is pressure washing the outside.

It is advised to wash the house at least once a year because of this. The external surfaces of your home make the ideal habitat for moss, mold, algae, and fungi. You have the ideal recipe for a solid build-up that is nearly impossible to remove on your own if you add impurities like dust and sand. Some of the buildup can be eliminated with routine cleaning of the driveway and patio. The microscopic pores’ filth and grime won’t all be eliminated, though. This dense, gummy buildup from impurities like organic growth won’t just negatively affect the curb appeal of your house.


If you’re in need of a power washing, don’t hesitate to give Elite House Washing and Property Maintenance a call! We offer comprehensive services that will restore the exterior of your home or place of business to its former glory.

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